Annotation Type MOCollectionCustomSort

public @interface MOCollectionCustomSort

Defines the ordering of a collection of Beans.

This annotation can only be used with a collection of beans or collection of atoms. It defines that the collection be sorted before writing the collection to XML (the sorting happens only before writing, and will not alter the original collection).

Unlike the MOCollectionSort annotation, this annotation allows to customize the sorting using any sorting algorithm appropriate. The sorting algorithm should implement the interface MOCollectionCustomSort.CustomSort to perform the actual sorting. Note that for most simple cases the MOCollectionSort annotation suffice - this annotation is used to support the more complex cases.

1.0, Dec 10, 2007
Yoav Abrahami
See Also:
MOProperty, MOCollectionSort

Required Element Summary
 java.lang.Class<? extends MOCollectionCustomSort.CustomSort> value
          The class implementing the sorting algoritm

Element Detail


public abstract java.lang.Class<? extends MOCollectionCustomSort.CustomSort> value
The class implementing the sorting algoritm

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