Package com.abra.j2xb.annotations

Interface Summary
MOCollectionCustomSort.CustomSort Implements the custom sorting algorithm declared using the MOCollectionCustomSort annotation.

Enum Summary
SourcePropertyOf Defines the source property when used as part of constructor or factory parameter value.

Annotation Types Summary
MOChoiceDiscriminator Defines a specific mapping where different combinations of the bean properties are mapped based on a different property value.
MOCollectionCustomSort Defines the ordering of a collection of Beans.
MOCollectionSort Defines the ordering of a collection of Beans.
MOConstructionDescriptor Defines the methods to construct a bean when reading an XML document.
MOConstructorArg Defines a contructor parameter mapping, or a parameter for a factory method.
MODelegateProperty Defines a Bean property that is flattened in the XML representation.
MOEnumSet Defines an alternate mapping of Set of Enum using an boolean XML attribute for each enumeration option.
MOEnumXmlName Defines the XML name used for an enumeration constant.
MOInitializerProperty Defines property initialization of a constructed instance, where the source of the property value is a property of the parent instance.
MOPersistentBean Defines a mapping of a Java Bean to a top level XML element.
MOPersistentDependentBean Defines a mapping of a Java Bean to an XML element.
MOPolymorphicAtomProperty Defines an atomic property that is polimorphic - it can take more then one Java type.
MOPolymorphicAtomType Defines one option for a polymorphic atomic property.
MOProperty Defines a mapping of a Java Property to XML.
MOPropertyChoice Defines that the property is part of a choice XML construct.
MOPropertyGroup Defines that a property be mapped as a child of a "group" element or elements in the XML representation.
MOPropertyGroupBy Defines a group by construct.
MORegisterPropertyEditor Registers a property editor for a given type.
MORegisterPropertyEditors Registers multiple property editors for multiple types.
MOSeeAlso Defines a list of additional classes to map when the annotated class is mapped.
MOWebParam Defines mapping options for a web-service method parameter or return value.

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